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Lounge suiteArts & Crafts - Mission Style

All furniture under this heading borrow from the traditions of this era, yet display an originality in design and choices of wood. Most pieces are commissioned, but some are held in stock, so please inquire.


Living Green

To produce the highest quality product while adhering to a green philosophy may not be easy but is certainly possible. It has been my goal to produce a living environment that enhances the spirit in the space we occupy.

This lounge suite exemplifies this philosophy while truly maintaining its Arts and Crafts heritage in being true to basic values while enhancing one's living space and spirit of living.

- The woods are cherry and walnut that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council

- The finish is created from natural vegetable oils and waxes, made in Germany to exacting standards to meet all child safety regulations, yet is designed as a floor finish to withstand constant use.

The foam used is natural latex, which is environmentally friendly, totally biodegradable, anti-microbial, and breathable, provides natural orthopedic support, and is dust mite resistant.

- The foam is wrapped with 100% natural wool batting for maximum comfort and support.

- The fabric is a wool-and-ramie weave and part of the next industrial revolution. Designed by William McDonough and Michael Braungart and produced in Switzerland, part of a total rethink of how we produce fabric, meeting or exceeding current environmental and ecologically sound standards and is totally biodegradable.



New Generation Craftsman Recliner
from Oregon Walnut and Bainbridge Island Maple

Rocker and Ottoman Rocker and Ottoman Rocker and Ottoman


New Generation Craftsman Couch and Recliner from FSC
Certified Cherry and Oregon Walnut.

Rocker and Ottoman Rocker and Ottoman


Rocker and Ottoman

Morris Chair

Morris Chair

Taboret Tables

Rocker and Ottoman

Honduras Mahogany + Poplar / Ebony and Slate Highlights


Honduras Mahogany + Poplar / Ebony + Slate Highlights


Honduras Mahogany / African Wenge


Various Hardwoods
Birds Eye Maple. Mahogany Teak. Cherry     


D-Handle Bookshelf



D- Handle Bookshelf

Certified Cherry
Walnut Pegs

Mission Chair

Certified Cherry + Walnut


Taborat Tables

Taboret Tables

Bainbridge Island Wild Cherry / Walnut